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Name's meaning: "Winged finger"

Pronounciation: ter-u-Dak-til

Physical Description:
A Pterodactyl had a wingspan of anywhere between a few inches up to over 40 feet long. Pterodactyls are believed to have flown long distances using large wings and they had above average eyesight to help them catch their prey. Paleontologist classify Pterodactyls as flying reptiles and not dinosaurs.

Young Earth Age:
Alive sometime in the last 6000 years.

Old Earth Age:
According to old earth scientists, Pterodactyls lived in the late Mesozoic period, about 251 to 65 million years ago

It was a carnivore (meat eating creature).

Fossil locations:
Pterodactyl fossils have been found in America, Europe, Africa, and Australia.




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