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Dinosaurs for Kids

The Dinosaur Time Machine is designed to take kids back to the times of the dinosaurs. You will learn many things about dinosaurs on your voyage back in time. Find out when scientist think the dinosaurs roamed the earth, how they became extinct and many of the other interesting theories and facts about dinosaurs.

Check out our dinosaur news page for information on our website and dinosaur news from the around world that we find interesting.

Did you know that the name dinosaur comes from the term Dinosauria, which means terrible lizards? Of course, dinosaurs were not lizards and most of them were not terrible. In fact most dinosaurs ate plants! Around 65 percent of the dinosaurs were plant eaters (herbivores) and around 35 percent were meat-eaters (omnivores). Find out more interesting facts about dinosaurs on our dinosaur facts pages, including information on dinosaur fossils, pictures of fossils and dinosaur tracks, and much more great information.

If you would like to play some free dinosaur games that are great fun for children, or send dinosaur ecards, then visit our online dinosaur games page. Also, check out our dinosaur coloring pages, designed for kids to print and color their favorite dinosaurs. Check out our dinosaur links pages to see some of our favorite dino sites and other favorite sites for kids to explore.

If you are looking for great books or toys related to dinosaurs for kids, check out our selection of dinosaur books in our dinosaur book store and visit our dinosaur toy store to find great places to buy dinosaur toys, bedding, games, and other dinosuar gifts for kids.

If you are interested in buying dinosaur fossils check out our dinosaur fossil buying guide.

Visit our site map to find quick links to everything on our site.

Enjoy your trip back to the time of the dinosaurs and come back soon to learn more about dinosaurs. Please, be sure to bookmark us.

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